Courchevel 1850

Courchevel 1850


"For an unforgettable stay"

So Artist

The library gallery

As if hanging, overlooking the lobby, the library awakens our senses, displaying an exceptional collection of paintings by Anselme Boix-Vives,the father of Laurent Boix-Vives His world is full of kings, lords of the manor, lunar characters and heroes from our century (Kennedy, Martin Luther King) but also television figures (Catherine Langeais), ordinary people, actors, biblical scenes, news stories and snapshots of the sixties. Anselme Boix-Vives, a renowned artist, in seven years, produced very varied works combining ‘art brut’ and Catalan mysticism. A great number of beautiful books are available: Art, Architecture, Nature, Romans…

So Event

Skiing in its pure state!

Continuing the tradition linking the Boix-Vives family with the mountains, the Strato is organising the Strato Cup. A competition which will take place on the slalom course with superb prizes to be won: sponsored by Rossignol, Sothys, Baumanières 1850 and the ESF French Ski School

Children’s area

Overlooking the Cospillot slope, on one of the sunny terraces of the Strato, this play area was designed for the pleasure of little ones.

Children’s tea

During the school holidays, every Wednesday becomes a magical moment for little ones. A special tea is organized for them in the Strato Bar by Chef Jean-André Charial and his team: pastries, pancakes and biscuits will be waiting for them after a day on the slopes of Courchevel.